Council continues to work with community, business and government agencies to implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our Shire.

Cr Ken Keith OAM, Mayor Parkes Shire said Council is working with NSW Western Area Health, Lachlan Area Command and Emergency Services to plan for possible impacts of the pandemic on our community.

"NSW Western Area Health have confirmed they are no longer releasing COVID-19 cases for individual Local Government Areas, but rather the Western Area Region, so we cannot confirm at this stage if there are actual cases in Parkes Shire. It is confirmed that there are cases in the district as previously announced by NSW Health, and it's doubling every 3-4 days, so we must assume the virus is in the community and act accordingly!”

"This is why we are urging residents to take the Federal and State Government's messages regarding social isolation and hygiene measures very seriously."

There are some useful resources online to inform residents and businesses of how they can implement these measures at

“Council has taken advice on board and instigated the following measures in the community and the workplace in response to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Closure of public meeting facilities and places of social gathering including the Parkes Shire Pools, Parkes Visitor Information Centre and Henry Parkes Museums, Rose Street Community Centre, Band Hall, Northparkes Oval function rooms;
  • Implementing social distancing measures within offices, worksites and customer service counters including limiting transactions at the administration office to EFT facilities only - no cash payments will be taken.
  • Consolidating public amenities and increasing level of servicing and cleaning of these facilities;
  • Monitoring usage of playgrounds and fitness stations and undertaking daily cleaning of these facilities.
  • Increasing social support for the business community and connecting them with government stimulus information and promoting revised levels of services for those still able to trade;
  • Isolating critical and vulnerable staff and encouraging those that can to work from home;
  • Utilising online meeting platforms;
  • Emphasizing personal hygiene and inoculation;
  • Banning all travel including planned holidays which even I have had to do;
  • Planning for possible further restrictions on customer service counters in the administration and planning offices.”

"While keeping our social distance, we still want to instil the message of connectedness. Our community must stick together, support each other and be kind. Don't forget to call, text or skype your friends, family and check in on your neighbour."

"Think of others when you are buying supplies, don't panic buy, use common sense so that there is enough to go around and then no one will have to go without."

"We are all in this together."

"Also try to stay optimistic. While this virus has had a tremendous impact on the health of people worldwide, less than 1% of people tested for COVID-19 actually have a positive result, and the majority that do test positive are recovering safely at home." Concluded Cr Keith.