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Works in progress

Current major projects being delivered for the community of Parkes Shire.

Below is a snapshot of the current major projects being undertaken by Council in line with our Future Directions to deliver progress and value to our community.

Recycled Water Rising Main

The recycled water rising main will introduce a new water source to Parkes to provide drought resilient sporting fields and public spaces. Planning and design […]

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CBD Vibrancy Strategy

The Parkes Central Business District (CBD) is an energetic and enterprising business centre that serves a large regional catchment in Central NSW. Parkes Shire Council […]

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Bore 8 Refurbishment

The Lachlan River Bore Scheme was established in 1965 to augment the growing town’s water supply. The Council operated borefield was connected to the Parkes […]

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Parkes Advanced Water Recycling Facility

Construction on the  Advanced Water Recycling Facility (AWRF) commenced in April 2017, and was completed on 20 December 2017. The construction  generated 61 jobs, with 83% of […]

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