New Pump Stations

Two new pump stations, one on Eugowra Road and the other on Akuna Road.


  • The new pump station at Eugowra Road will receive raw water from the Parkes Shire bores
  • The Lachlan River Pump Station will treat the water and pump it to the Akuna Road Pump Station.
  • Akuna Road Pump Station will receive raw water from the Eugowra Road pump station
  • Pump stations will increase our raw water extraction within our current water supply entitlement

Lachlan River Pre-Treatment Plant

Lachlan River Pre-Treatment Plant A new pre-treatment plant to treat raw river water located at the Lachlan River Pump Station. Benefits Lachlan River Pump Station […]

Raw Water Storage Lagoon

Raw Water Storage Lagoon An additional 20ML of raw water storage upstream of the Water Treatment Plant. Benefits Additional water storage for future growth Increases […]

Lachlan River Intake Augmentation

Lachlan River Intake Augmentation Augmentation of the existing Lachlan River Pump Station. Benefits Pump Station augmentation will meet future water supply demand for projected growth […]

Lachlan Pipeline Duplication

The Lachlan Pipeline Duplication Duplication of 30km of raw water transfer pipeline from Eugowra Road Pump Station to the Parkes Water Treatment Plant. Benefits Duplication […]

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems Sustainable energy to power key water security assets. Benefits Solar energy systems provide sustainable energy to the new pump stations at Eugowra […]