Drainage system

Structures and waterways for stormwater runoff management.

Council maintains over 30 kilometres of drainage structures throughout the Shire to provide and maintain adequate stormwater control measures to protect both property and the environment.

Included in the drainage system are a number of waterways, which must also be managed to ensure that the stormwater runoff does not adversely affect the environment.

Council's Sewer team undertakes drainage construction works and Civil Works staff carry out maintenance works as required.

Council has completed a Stormwater Management Plan for the urban area that addresses the measures that need to be taken to manage the runoff. Necessary works include gross pollutant traps, trash racks, erosion and sediment control, reuse, vegetation generation, etc. These will be addressed in future construction programs.

Funding for stormwater management is provided by Council. The State Government provides some grant funding to assist Councils in the preparation of stormwater management plans and drainage projects, however this funding source is extremely limited. Funds are allocated for maintenance of the existing drainage systems and for construction of new control measures.

For more information about current drainage projects including PAC Park, visit the Current Projects section of our website.