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Water utilities

Water infrastructure and services provided by Council.

Parkes Shire Council is responsible for the Parkes/Peak Hill Water Supply System, which supplies the towns of Parkes and Peak Hill, as well as the villages of Alectown and Cookamidgera.

In addition, Council also manages the water supply to the villages of Bogan Gate, Trundle, Tullamore and rural consumers in between. This system is known as the 'B' section pipeline, which carries water from Forbes.

Information regarding water billing can be found on the Water Account Section of the website.

To apply for an urban water connection, please go to the Apply for Water Connection of our site.

For more information about Water Facilities and Infrastructure, see the Water Management section of the website.

The Parkes/Peak Hill Water Supply System supplies the towns of Parkes and Peak Hill, it also supplies water to the village of Cookamidgera.

Parkes and Peak Hill water supply

Beargamil Dam was constructed in 1924 on the Beargamil Creek, thereby creating Lake Metcalfe. The catchment area for the Lake is composed of agricultural land and bushland. The dam is located several kilometres west of Lake Endeavour and has a capacity of 480 ML.

Lake Endeavour Dam is located on the Billabong Creek approximately 25 kilometres east of Parkes. The dam was completed in 1940 by the Parkes Municipal Council and has a water storage capacity of 2400 ML. The catchment area for the Lake is composed of agricultural land and bushland.

Together, Lake Endeavour and Lake Metcalfe provide a sustainable annual yield of approximately 1000 ML. A Lake Endeavour early warning system website and dashboard has been developed and is available by clicking here.

Since 1967, groundwater has been drawn from the aquifer in the mid-Lachlan area to supply water to the Parkes Shire. At present the aquifer has been tapped by five bores located on the northern side of the Lachlan River, approximately fifteen kilometres east of the town of Forbes.

A total of 4350 ML of water is permitted to be taken from the bores per year. This water is pumped north of the Lachlan catchment to be used for consumption at Parkes, Peak Hill and at the NorthParkes Mines.

For more information regarding the Parkes/Peak Hill water supply download the Water Supply Information Brochure

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