Committees of Parkes Shire Council

Committees are established to make decisions about certain functions of Council under delegated authority

The Local Government Act 1993 empowers Parkes Shire Council to establish special Committees. These special Committees are established to undertake tasks of a detailed or specialist nature where the input of the full Council may not be necessary at the initial stage.

Other than the Section 355 Committees of Council which have limited delegated functions, Council Committees are not decision-making bodies and essentially make recommendations to the full Council. Appointments to each Committee are made with each new term of Council.

Council Committee meetings are held in accordance with Council's Code of Conduct.  Code of Meeting Practice and Operating Procedures of Council Committees.

Council Committees - Councillor Only

There are four formal committees of Council that meet to discuss a range of issues. Councillor Only Committees are as follows:

  • Parkes Pool Planning Committee
  • Plant Procurement and Replacement Committee
  • Road Naming Committee
  • Senior Staff Committee

Section 355 Committees

Under Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993, Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a committee of Council. Council refers to these Community Management Committees as Section 355 Committees. Section 355 Committees are as follows:

  • Elvis Festival Committee
  • Henry Parkes Centre Management Committee
  • Little Theatre Management Committee
  • Parkes Sports Council

Council Committees - Councillors with Invited Community

Council staff, Councillors and community representatives are involved in a range of working parties and sub-committees that meet to discuss a range of community issues and Council projects. Council Committees with Councillors and Invited Community Representation Committees are as follows:

  • Aboriginal and Elders Advisory Committee
  • Access Committee
  • Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee
  • Economic Development Committee with Airport Development Sub-Committee and CBD Precinct Vibrancy Sub Committee
  • Culture, Education and Library Committee
  • Floodplain Management Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Parkes Multipurpose Centre Inaugural Performance Committee (Sunset)
  • Parkes Shire Pool Management Committee
  • Sporting Facilities Development Committee
  • Waste Facilities Committee

For further details on Council Committees, membership and meeting schedules, contact the Office of the Mayor on 02 6861 2303.

Community Consultative Committees

Community Consultative Committees (CCC's) are established to represent individual township communities and ensure that residents have a direct say in the development of their communities

Township Strategic Plans are used by each Consultative Committee and Council to apply for grants and funding and will provide strategic direction for the development of each of the Shire townships.

The following is a list of each township CCC and email contacts: