Community Priorities for Parkes Shire

Community priorities are our priorities

Parkes Shire Council recognises that the involvement of residents and ratepayers is vital to ensure that our priorities meet the community's needs.

Council endeavours to engage the community for the purpose of determining the priorities on various projects and initiatives to be implemented throughout the Shire.

Parkes Shire Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

The CSP identifies the community's priorities and aspirations for the future

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan is a high level 10-year plan developed collaboratively by Council with the Parkes Shire Community as part of its Community Engagement Continuum. This plan identifies the community's main priorities and aspirations for the future.

The CSP contains the vision for the Parkes Shire and four themes:

4 squares set out as a jigsaw depicting four themes for the vision of Parkes Shire Council. Community, Economy, Environment and Leadership

Under each of the four themes, strategies that Parkes Shire Council will undertake to deliver on these objectives are clearly outlined. We have also outlined what individual residents can do to help achieve these objectives, and identified the partners – such as Government agencies, community organisations, service clubs and business groups – who have a role to play in helping us realise our shared vision.

This Community Strategic Plan flows directly into the key actions identified in the Delivery Program for Council to implement over its term of office.

Township Strategic Plans

Council has been working with the townships of Bogan Gate, Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore to create unique strategic plans for each town.

The Township Strategic Plans provided strategic direction for Council and the Community Consultative Committees to support and grow the smaller townships in the Shire. The plans determine the work conducted in the townships and ensure that residents have a direct say in the development of their communities.

The Township Strategic Plans are used by each Consultative Committee and Council to apply for grants and funding and will provide strategic direction for the development of each of the Shire townships.