Public art

Local artists have been commissioned by Parkes Shire Council to provide the works in the Parkes CBD which all reflect elements of Parkes’ character through sculptures and murals covering themes of history, astronomy, pop culture, literacy, agriculture and indigenous heritage which depict the essence of these thriving country communities.

Installations have now been added to Peak Hill, Trundle, Tullamore and Bogan Gate extending the trail across the Parkes Shire.

A Stellar Constellation of Art

Mellenia Wandering

Millennia Wandering seeks to evoke the wonder of our existence, posing those enduring questions around place and time and the possible randomness of our creation. Images of Parkes are woven throughout, depicting the town’s evolution. From the horse, to trains, to scientific exploration, the interest in progress that Parkes embodies, is highlighted. The artist has also used symbols of his own heritage to enhance sometimes distant attachments.

Parkes Radio Telescope

The poet grew up witnessing the construction of the Radio Telescope and some years later, watched in awe, as pictures of the moon landing were transmitted from the telescope to the world. This work investigates the eager desire to reach out and explore the mysteries beyond our world. The artist has used symbols of the natural bush and the cultivated farmland in which the Radio Telescope sits. Particles, of which we and all matter are made, swirl around in the colours of the Goobang Valley dusk.

Blood Moon 

Throughout time, cultures around the world have worshiped or been influenced by the moon. Blood Moon serves to reflect on the marvel of the heavens, the ancient origins of the Universe and our attraction to its mysteries. It reminds us to retain our sense of wonder in a world of competing distractions. This work is the artist’s response to the words of the poem and the sense of fascination, we as humans, rekindle when we gaze at the night sky.


Jaffa the Astronaut - Location: Cooke Park, Clarinda Street

Introducing Jaffa, one of the original Apollo 11 Sydmonauts, created for Sydney Festival 2019 by Sydney design studio Amigo & Amigo, know for their large-scale installations. The 3m orange Astronaut sculpture pays tribute to the diverse and under-appreciated heroes of space travel, from astronauts to mathematicians and beyond.

Astro-Girl - Location: 316 Clarinda Street (Coles Carpark)

The community is very proud of our famous icon “The Dish”. People are always referring to Parkes as “ know The Dish”. The Dish is represented with the female astronaut; she also reflects the importance we place on gender equality.


Astrophotography Wall - Location: Westpac Building Cnr Clarinda and Court Street

A celebration of astro-photographers who have featured throughout the history Parkes' 'AstroFest' and annual David Malin awards.


Cooke Park Mural

Location: Pholeros Lane facing Cooke Park

This mural is designed to work as a combination of ideas of what Parkes is about. It both introduces and reinforces the meanings of the artworks that are hung in other locations. Its intention is to be fun, bright and recognisable. Themes present in the mural include agriculture, flora and fauna, space, astronomy, culture, talent and inspiration.



Elvis Mural - Location: Corner Church and Clarinda Streets (south eastern side)

“The King” is featured due to the success of the annual Parkes Elvis Festival which attracts visitors from far and wide. Fans can have their picture taken with “The King” which is so easy these days, with a smart phone at your fingertips. Elvis’ camera is a tribute to history and the evolution of technology.


Elvis Festival Fans - Location: Cooke Park, Welcome Street

This collage of photos from the annual Parkes Elvis Festival represents the fun and flair that the town embodies in January each year.


Elvis Statue - Location: Cooke Park, corner Short and Clarinda Street

Set on a stage in Cooke Park, this statue is tribute to the hard working volunteers of Elvis Revival Inc who created an continue to contribute to the Parkes Elvis Festival. Sculpture by Terrance Plowright.


Elvis Emu - Location: Corner Short Street and Caledonia Street (Parkes Services Club wall)

Acclaimed Lightning Ridge artist, John Murray, has transformed the Caledonia Street wall of the Parkes Services Club into an Elvis-inspired emu artwork, complete with a bejewelled jumpsuit. The 9 x 6.5 metre Elvis Emu is an exact replica of the one painted on ACDC Lane in Melbourne.



Location: 214 Clarinda Street

Parkes’ commitment to literacy has been an outstanding achievement with programs such as Paint the Town REaD, REaDtember and also the Curiosity & Wonder Festival all developed to help children and parents understand the importance of reading. The books beside the young girl have titles relating to the Shire.


Location: 194 Clarinda Street, Parkes

Priscilla complements the Elvis public art installation in Church Street. The previously mentioned Elvis installation is present as a reflection in Priscilla's sunglasses, linking the two pieces together.


Location: Vinnies Wall, Welcome Street

Reconciliation Week artworks by Wiradjuri Artist, Scott 'Sauce' Towney who specialises in drawing and pyrography.


Parkes Community Art Wall

Location:  Post Office Alley, Welcome Street

This interchanging art wall provides a unique opportunity for local artists to showcase their exhibitions.

Peak Hill Community Cultural Wall

Location:  Peak Hill Commercial Gardens, Caswell Street

This wall provides a central location and a unique opportunity for artists, community members and students to hold temporary exhibitions.

NOW SHOWING: Wiradjuri Cultural Astronomy - Scott “Sauce” Towney

For more than 60,000 years Aboriginal peoples have used astronomical knowledge in such a way that has generationally informed culture, social structures and traditions. These artworks are an interpretation of certain stars and constellations of the traditions of the Wiradjuri People of central New South Wales. The Wiradjuri are the ‘People of the Three Rivers’: Macquarie (Wambool), Lachlan (Calare) & Murrumbidgee (Murrumbidjeri) Rivers.


Melvin the Ram - Peak Hill

Location: Cnr Mingelo Street & Caswell Street

Melvin the Ram reflects the town's golden heritage, the connection that the community of Peak Hill and surrounding district holds with the land, and the town’s prided claim to fame – their prized Merino sheep.

The postage stamp features a few different symbolic elements.  The numbers 2870 and 2869 are the postcodes of Parkes and Peak Hill and represent their connection as one Shire.

The number 17 represents the year the stamp was created for Peak Hill - 2017.

Trundle Community Cultural Wall

Location:  Trundle Library, Forbes Street

This wall provides a central location and a unique opportunity for artists, community members and students to hold temporary exhibitions.

NOW SHOWING: Trundle through young eyes

Featuring works by local school students and community members created during a series of workshops curated by local Trundle artist, Helen Gray.

Tullamore Community Cultural Wall

Location: Tullamore GrainCorp Storage Facility, Cardigan Street

This wall provides a central location and a unique opportunity for artists, community members and students to hold temporary exhibitions.

Featuring a series of photographs depicting life in Tullamore.