Residents in the Parkes Shire must be aware of the potential danger of snakes, particularly in the warmer months.

Snakes are most active in warm weather and are often are found in bushy areas.

To discourage snakes from entering your property, ensure your garden is well maintained, clear of rubbish, and keep your grass short.

If you see a snake, do not approach it, attempt to kill it or try to capture it.

All native snakes in NSW are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

More information about native snakes can be obtained on the NSW Planning, Industry and Environment website.

A list of reptile handlers for the area can be found here.

Parkes Shire Council staff are not trained or authorised to handle or dispose of injured Native Wildlife without Office of Environment and Heritage approval. Council does not have facilities suitable to house or care for native animals.