Community reports

Reporting is a key component of the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework.

Parkes Shire Council reports our progress and performance to our community through a series of regular reports, including:

  • Annual Reports
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Delivery Program and Operational Plan Progress Reports
  • State of the Shire Reports.

Annual Reports

Parkes Shire Council's Annual Reports are compiled for each financial year, and outline:

  • How we have performed against our Community Strategic Plan
  • Highlights and achievements from the year
  • Statutory reporting requirements.

Parkes Sports Council - Annual Report 2022/23(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Report 2022/23(PDF, 72MB)

Annual Report 2021/22(PDF, 11MB)

Annual Report 2020/21(PDF, 15MB)

Annual Report 2019/20(PDF, 13MB)

Annual Report 2018/19(PDF, 22MB)

Annual Report 2017-18(PDF, 32MB)

Delivery Program and Operational Plan Progress Reports

Parkes Shire Council prepares quarterly Delivery Program and Operational Plan progress reports every three months.

These reports show how Council is performing in achieving the activities identified in our current Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

2023-24 July to December 2023 Operational Plan Progress Report(PDF, 16MB)

2022-23 Q4 Operational Plan Progress Report(PDF, 12MB)

2022-23 Q3 Operational Plan Progress Report(PDF, 23MB)

2022-23 Q2 Operational Plan Progress Report(PDF, 13MB)

2022-23 Q1 Operational Plan Progress Report(PDF, 21MB)


State of the Shire Reports

State of the Shire Reports - also known as End of Terms Reports - are prepared at the end of each Council's four-year term.  This document outlines the Council's achievements in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four years.  This report also draws on information from other organisations, such as NSW Government agencies, to illustrate the state of the Parkes Shire's community, economy, environment and leadership.

End of Term Report 2016-2021(PDF, 32MB)

End of Term Report 2012-2016(PDF, 15MB)

End of Term Report 2008-2012(PDF, 9MB)