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Our community has an array of CCTV cameras within the Parkes and Peak Hill CBD and other areas within the Shire. The purpose of this installation is to improve public amenity and minimise opportunities for criminal or mischievous behaviour within these public spaces. This action was consistent with the Crime Prevention Plan developed by Parkes Shire Council in 2011. The key objectives of CCTV are as follows:

  • To provide an effective means by which to prevent and reduce crime via an increased fear of detection and apprehension on the part of offenders.
  • To improve the public’s general feeling of safety and security; and
  • To provide accurate identification of offenders and events.

Parkes Shire Council provides and maintains the CCTV cameras in public areas. The Parkes Local Police command have been provided access to the system to review current and recorded footage as necessary. Access by law enforcement agencies is limited to investigative purposes only and it is not for administrative or training use. All access is subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Parkes Police are your point of contact if you wish to report an incident that may have been within the CCTV coverage areas.