Compliments, complaints and feedback

On this page you can 

  1. Report an issue or request a service.
  2. Compliment or complain about the way we provide our services.
  3. Find out how to report an issue to an external reporting agency.

Report an issue

Parkes Shire Council's Customer Request Management portal allows you to lodge requests and report issues on any smart device or computer, anytime and anywhere.

Submitted requests are directly referred to our Customer Service team, resulting in requests being actioned faster. 

A service issue could include the following:

  • Fallen tree notifications.
  • Rates and water enquiries
  • Notification of damage of roads or footpaths
  • Sewer choke or overflow 

Select Report an Issue below to open a new page with more information.


Submit a compliment or complaint

Share a positive experience you had with us by filling out the form below, and we'll make sure the person or team involved get the recognition they deserve or if something is not right, we want to know about it, so we have the chance to improve. 

For more information, please refer to our Customer Service and Customer Complaints Handling policy(PDF, 288KB) .


PRINTABLE FORM: Please click here for a printable version of the Compliments and Complaints form. Once completed, return it by email to or mail it to the Administration Centre at 2 Cecile Street, Parkes NSW 2870.

Complaint process

1. Submit your form either online or in person

2. You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission within 10 business days

3. We will make an assessment as to the seriousness, complexity and urgency of the complaint 

4. We will contact you within 21 calendar days to advise you of the outcome


We welcome complaints from the community and our professional contacts about our service. All complaints are dealt with confientially.

Personal and private information is managed in line with our Privacy Management Plan.

External reporting agencies

We also respect your decision to disclose alleged wrongdoing through the following reporting avenues: