Sewerage services

Parkes Shire Council owns and operates four Sewage Treatment Works that service Parkes, Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore. Parkes and Peak Hill plants are typical bacteria bed (trickling filter) systems, while Trundle and Tullamore are passive oxidation ponds.

New sewerage connections

To apply to connect to Council's sewerage system, please download and complete the Application for Sewer Connection and lodge it at Council along with the application fee.

Application for Sewer Connection(PDF, 196KB)

2023/24 Fees and Charges(PDF, 12MB)

Problems with sewerage

If you are experiencing sewerage problems, we recommend contacting Council first. Council will be able to identify if the problem is with our sewer system or is related to your property. This may save you the expense of calling out a service person.

To report a sewerage service problem, contact Council's Infrastructure Department during office hours on 6861 2344 or after hours on 1800 648 585

Responsible flushing

Parkes Shires' sewerage system has been designed to process toilet paper and human waste. When other items end up in the pipes, they can cause blockages at your property and the broader sewerage system.