Waste collection days and bins

Parkes Shire Council has joined with other local government authorities in the NetWaste region to deliver improved waste collection services to recover more recyclables and organic material from entering the landfill stream by implementing a three bin waste collection system. This is great for the environment, reduces waste and encourages recycling and it saves ratepayers from increasing costs associated with landfill.

The service provides a much-improved environmental outcome and allows Council to meet the State government's goal of achieving 70% diversion of domestic waste going to landfill. All material from the green lid bin (food and garden waste) will be processed into mulch. The recycled material (yellow) will also be processed and manufactured into new products.

The service has provided increased capacity for recycling (yellow lid bin) and food and garden waste (green lid bin) while still providing a garbage waste bin (red lid bin). 

What goes in what bin?

It is important for residents to be aware of what goes in what bin - download the Waste Services Guide below for information on what is general waste, what is green waste and what can be recycled.

Waste Services Guide

Tips for fresher bins

Bin collection days

Council's contracted waste collection service picks up bins on varied weekdays across the Shire. Refer to the interactive map below to identify your residence's collection day.

Click here to view the interactive map in a separate window.

Bin collection calendar

The waste collection calendar(PDF, 1MB) is a handy reference to place on your fridge showing which weeks the red and yellow bin will be collected and what types of rubbish should be disposed of in each bin. 

2024 Waste Collection Calendar (PDF, 1MB)

Bulky waste collection

Parkes Shire Council facilitates annual Kerbside Bulky Waste Clean-up for all residents currently receiving a domestic waste and recycling collection service.

The date for the 2024 Kerbside Bulky Waste Clean-up is to be confirmed. 



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