1. Overview

Parkes Shire Council manages and maintains cemeteries in Alectown, Parkes, Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore.  There is also a cemetery at Bogan Gate, which is managed by a Trust.  All cemeteries are open every day to the public.

Our local cemeteries are denominational but include non-denominational sections along with memorial gardens and niche walls for cremated remains and plaques.

Council is responsible for all interments, reservations, and liaison with funeral directors, record keeping, genealogy enquiries, ongoing maintenance and asset improvement.

Online access to our cemetery records is available through the Australian Cemetery Index.

Alectown Cemetery

Newell Highway, Alectown.

Bogan Gate Cemetery

Condobolin Road, Bogan Gate.

It is divided into Methodist/Presbyterian, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Unsectarian sections.

Note:  The Bogan Gate Cemetery Trust is responsible for management of the cemetery.

Parkes Cemetery

Want Street, Parkes.

Non-denominational lawn section, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Church of England, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Salvation, Seven Day Adventist, Uniting, Unsectarian and War Graves.  Also available is a Rose Garden and Remembrance Section for cremated remains and a Memorial Garden for plaques for infants.

Peak Hill Cemetery

Newell Highway, Peak Hill.

Assemblies of God, Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Uniting and Unsectarian.  A non-denominational granite walk has been installed.  Also available is a niche wall for cremated remains.


Trundle Cemetery

Condobolin/Trundle Road, Trundle.

Church of England/Anglican, Methodist/Uniting, Presbyterian, Unsectarian and Roman Catholic.  Also available is a niche wall for cremated remains.

Tullamore Cemetery

North of Tullamore township.

Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and General Cemetery, including a niche wall for cremated remains.

2. Cemetery Reservation Process

Some people choose to select and reserve a plot in the cemetery to avoid the added grief for family or to be close to deceased family members.

People who wish to reserve a plot must contact Council.

An Application for Reservation of a Cemetery Plot (PDF, 42KB)is submitted together with payment of the fee in full.

The application is processed and a 'Right to Interment' is issued as proof of the reservation.

In respect of the Parkes Lawn Cemetery, a person may choose to pay 25% of the fee and sign an agreement to pay off the remaining amount over the next twelve months.

On receipt of the application and payment, an acknowledgement is issued and when the plot has been paid for in full, a 'Right to Interment' is issued.

See the Fees and Charges(PDF, 1MB) document for details on the costs of using the Shire Cemeteries.

3. Cemetery Interment Process

The normal procedure when a person dies is to contact a Funeral Director who will assist you with the necessary funeral arrangements. Normally, the application for a Burial Permit is made by the Funeral Director on behalf of the family. If a cemetery plot has been reserved, proof (in the form of a 'Right to Interment' document) is submitted with the application.

In the case where a plot has not been reserved it will be necessary to contact Council to allocate a plot and pay for such in full.

A 'Burial Permit' is then issued and the burial may take place as arranged by the Funeral Director.

The Policy and Maintenance Procedures of the Lawn Cemetery Interment can be viewed here.  Your agreement to these terms and conditions are required as part of the application for burial permit.

In due course, an Application for Approval to Erect a Headstone and/or Slab may be submitted to Council.  If desired, the application can be made at the same time as the application for burial permit.