Become a Councillor


Submitting a nomination for the council elections empowers you to play an active role in shaping policies and programs, and advocating for your community. As a representative, you'll be the community's voice, ensuring that diverse perspectives are heard in decision-making.

Elected council members can promote community engagement, encouraging residents to participate actively, contribute ideas, and strengthen shared responsibility for positive change.

The NSW Office of Local Government and the NSW Electoral Commission offers comprehensive candidate information and support for candidates thinking about running for election to the Parkes Shire Council. Explore the links below to learn more.

Becoming a Councillor

The Office of Local Government in New South Wales provides valuable resources for aspiring local government candidates, including the Stand for Your Community Candidate Guide and an online candidate training tool. These resources aim to enhance community representation and inform potential candidates about the responsibilities of being a councillor. 

Local Candidate Information Sessions

Parkes Shire Council will be hosting three local Candidate Information Sessions during June and July 2024. Advice of the dates and times will be available by 20 May 2024. 

Nominating as a Candidate in the Election

Elections NSW has a trove of information available for potential Candidates about the election process. They are conducting a series of webinars for candidates and other political participants in the lead-up to the 2024 NSW Local Government elections. Details of these online sessions, including registration is available here:

Funding and disclosure

Candidates and other political participants need to effectively and efficiently comply with electoral funding laws. To learn more:

Electoral material

Electoral material produced, published, distributed or displayed during the regulated period for an election must comply with the rules. In addition, electoral material that is to be distributed on election day must be registered with the NSW Electoral Commission. To learn more: