Applying for Grants

Parkes Shire Council is committed to supporting the community by allocating funding for the delivery of projects that improve local infrastructure and services.

Council resources a Grants Officer position to assist Council and community in applying for grants and funding. Talk to our Grants Officer on (02) 6861 2333 to discuss what grants may be available for your business or community group.


Search for Grants

Parkes Shire Council have partnered with GrantGuru to bring you the 'Parkes Shire Grant Finder'.

This site provides a comprehensive list of grant and funding opportunities available to you.

Visit or register here.


Grants Guide

See all the current opportunities for funding from various sources.

Two Grants Guides are produced each month:

Monthly Grants Guide - With Closing Date

This guide is updated monthly and focuses on funding opportunities that are closing in the next 1-2 months.

This month's Grants Guide can be found here.

Grants Guide - Ongoing Opportunities

Reviewed monthly as new funding opportunities become available. These opportunities do not have set closing dates.

Grants are organised into categories to assist finding grants that interest you.

This month's Grants Guide can be found here.

To add your name to the mailing list for the Grants Guide, email

or phone (02) 6862 9127.


Need help from our Grants Officer?

We're here to help.

Our Grants Officer can assist you in identifying funding opportunities and preparing your submission for funding a worthwhile project.

Parkes Shire Council's Grants Officer positions are a partnership between Parkes Shire Council and Northparkes Mine. The Grants Officer strives to support and promote the Parkes Shire economy through the development of skills and resources, enabling local organisations to achieve funding security and sustainability. Their role aims to enhance the social and economic capacity of local communities through the provision of quality services and infrastructure and to build community collaboration for the betterment of the Parkes Shire.

The Grants Officers can assist with identifying appropriate grants for community groups and local businesses, preparing and submitting grant applications, liaising with funding providers and facilitating partnerships across the community to deliver bigger and better funding outcomes for the Shire.

The position was created in 2010 and has helped many community and not-for-profit groups secure funding.

If you require any further information or would like to subscribe to Council's Grants Guide, contact the Grants Officer on (02) 6862 9127.

The Grants Officer runs workshops each year on finding appropriate grants and how to write grant applications. If you would like to reserve a spot in future workshops please contact the Grants Officer on (02) 6862 9127.


Grants Report

View the latest quarterly grants report on funding application outcomes.

Each quarter, a report is compiled summarising the outcomes of grant applications during that quarter. The report details the number and value of lodged, successful, unsuccessful and pending applications for Council and community projects for each township; success rate; the outcomes and benefits of successful applications and the return on investment that the positions create.