Draft 2024-25 Operational Plan Now Open For Public Feedback

Published on 15 May 2024


Parkes Shire Council is proud to announce the draft Operational Plan and Budget for 2024-25, is now available for public submissions. The draft plan identifies many actions to be delivered across eleven key functions such as Transport, Library, Arts and Culture, Commercial Enterprise, Water Supply and Sewer Treatment, Waste Management, and Economy and Activation.

Mayor of Parkes Shire Neil Westcott expressed his enthusiasm for the plan and the prospects of the Parkes Shire.

"The adoption of this plan is a testament to our commitment to the community and our vision for Parkes Shire. We are not only ensuring essential services but also fostering a dynamic environment where culture, recreation, and economic growth can flourish,” Mayor Westcott said.

The plan includes a $54 million Capital Works program that prioritises improvements to roads, bridges, and water security and supply, addressing critical needs within the Shire. Additionally, the plan allocates resources for residential and industrial land development, along with a significant fleet replacement program.

Residents and visitors can look forward to an exciting arts and cultural program, and an array of events and festivals, including the Trundle ABBA Festival and the renowned Parkes Elvis Festival. Parkes Shire Council remains dedicated to enriching community life through the Cooke Park Sounds events as well as supporting community and civic events like the Australia Day and ANZAC Day celebrations.

This initiative is part of the broader Parkes Shire Delivery Program, which aligns with the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework and supports the implementation of the Parkes Shire 2035+ Community Strategic Plan.

To review the draft plan, please visit Parkes Shire Council's website atwww.parkes.nsw.gov.au/Have-Your-Say/Draft-Operational-Plan-2024-25.


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