Parkes Main Street Flood Mitigation

  • Project typeGrant Funded
  • Project scheduleCommenced

Flash flooding caused by stormwater runoff after severe storm events may cause property damage and hardship for many in our community. The emergency at the end of 2022 proves that we must prepare for changes in our climate, including an increase in flood events.

Council has undertaken studies that reveal that flash flooding leading to stormwater impact is most severe within the urban CBD, particularly in the business area of Currajong, Clarinda and Bogan Streets which can experience flooding up to 400mm’s in depth. Council’s modelling shows that our stormwater network cannot manage increased severe weather activity, due to old pipelines and sections needing replacing. Stormwater detention basins will help reduce stormwater volumes and resurfacing road intersections and improving gutters will increase stormwater capture.

From the first quarter of 2023 onwards, Council is undertaking a series of stormwater mitigation works to reduce main street flooding for Parkes. The first stage of works includes:

  1. New detention structure in Crocker Park including connection pipe work to existing Victoria Street augmented pipe network.
  2. Augmentation of the existing pipe network including new inlet pits between Currajong Street and Bogan Street (Newell Highway) along Bushman Street south.
  3. Surface works at the Currajong Street / Bushman Street Roundabout and the Clarinda Street / Bushman Street Roundabout.
  4. New pipework between the Clarinda Street / Church Street NW corner to the Bogan Street (Newell Highway) trunk infrastructure.
  5. Augmentation of inlet capacity and reconfiguration of Post Office Lane and Bogan Street (Newell Highway) intersection.

The works will be undertaken progressively to minimise impact and Council will provide regular updates as works commence construction.

The works are part of six projects funded by a $4,034,244 grant from the NSW Government's Resources for Regions program Round 9. Council will not increase water charges or rates to fund the project works.


Project 1: Crocker Park

The scope for this component of the project includes:

  • The extension of the existing diversion bund upstream of Spicer Oval to divert stormwater from the southern end of the sub-catchment to the north into the newly constructed detention basin.

  • The modification of the topography of Crocker Park and the installation of a bund wall around the western perimeter and grated pit in the SW corner with a DN375 pipe connected to the Victoria Street drainage system.
  • The relocation of services as required to allow for the above construction works, including Council managed sewerage and water mains, electricity, and Telstra managed communications.
  • The rehabilitation of the site following the completion of construction to ensure the site is fully stabilised and the visual aesthetic is maintained.

Council is in contact with people who may be affected by the stormwater mitigation works. This includes, users of the Dog Park, neighboring properties, sporting clubs and informal park users, the caravan park and other community members using the facilities.