Lodging an application

1. Overview

Various planning approvals, including Development Applications, must be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

This online tool ensures that the community, industry, and government can work together to better understand and meet their obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Planning Portal hosts a range of digital planning services, mapping and reporting tools to assist everyone involved in a proposed development.

2. Applications lodged via NSW Planning Portal

The following applications must be submitted to the NSW Planning Portal:

  • Development Applications (DA)
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC)
  • Construction Certificates (CC)
  • Occupation Certificates (OC)
  • Building Information Certificate (BC)
  • Subdivision Certificates (SC)
  • Subdivision Works Certificates (SWC)
  • Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)
  • Applications to modify a Development Application (DA) or a Certificate (CC, CDC)
  • Section 68 (Local Government Act) Applications


4. Pre-lodgement advice

Parkes Shire Council provides a free pre-lodgement advice service for proponents of developments within the Local Government Area. The pre-lodgement service offers advice relating to a specific development proposal. This advice ensures proponents are fully aware of the issues that must be addressed before the lodgement of a Development Application.

To make an appointment for pre-lodgement advice, contact the Planning Department on 02 6861 2373.

5. Submitting an application

As of July 1 2021, the NSW planning portal is the primary tool to lodge and track your applications. Parkes Shire cannot accept and process any planning portal applications over the counter or via email.

Step 1: Register an account to the NSW Planning Portal

To submit an application via the Planning Portal you will need an account. Click below to access the account registration reference guide

User Guide: Registering for the NSW Planning Portal(PDF, 641KB)

Step 2: Create Your Application

1. Once you have registered an account and logged in to the Portal, click on the 'New' tab located in the top left corner of the dashboard. Select the type of application you are applying for (e.g. DA, CDC, CC, etc.).

2. Input your applicant details and the details of the proposed development.

3. Upload the required plans, forms and documentation as detailed in the relevant MATRIX Checklists in PDF format.

4. Review and submit your application.

Step 3: Pre-Lodgement Review

Council will review your application and, based on the information submitted, will determine whether to accept the application, request additional information, or return the application.

Should any additional information be required, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal requesting the relevant information to be submitted via your ePlanning account.

If it is determined by Council that the application be returned, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal detailing the reason(s) for the return, as well as instructions on how to submit a revised application using the previously input content. You will be able to amend all fields within the document to address the reason(s) the original application was returned.

Step 4: Payment of Fees

Once Council has reviewed your application and is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been submitted, you will receive an email notification requesting fees to be paid. The email will direct you to log in to the Portal where you will find a request for payment from Council, with instructions on how to make your payment.

PLEASE NOTE: The application will not be considered lodged until the application fees have been paid in full and a receipt is emailed to plans@parkes.nsw.gov.au.

Step 5: Confirmation of Lodgement

Once all fees have been paid, the applicant will receive an email notification generated from the Portal to confirm that the application has been formally lodged with Council.

The application will then be tasked to a Council Officer to undertake an assessment of the proposal.


6. Fees and charges

Parkes Shire Council's Annual Operational Plan outlines the fees and charges applicable to Development applications, Complying Development Certificates and other Council approvals.

Download the 2023/24 Fees and Charges(PDF, 12MB) to identify the relevant development fees for your works.

For further information or a free quotation, please get in touch with contact Council's Planning and Environment Department on 02 6861 2373