Parkes Shire Council raises approximately one quarter of its operating income from rates. Council provides many services that rates help to fund. Some examples are:

  • Maintenance of roads, parks, gardens and sporting facilities
  • Libraries
  • Community services for senior citizens and youth
  • Town planning
  • Drainage
  • Animal services
  • Tourism
  • Swimming pools

Rates are the way our community contributes to funding these services and the many others.

Register for e-Notices

Property owners can elect to receive their Rate & Water notices via email. Not only does this reduce waste and the impact on the environment, you can easily access your notices direct from your email inbox the day they are posted and also online at any time.

To register for emailed notices, you will need a copy of your current Rates or Water notice, stating your individual reference number and follow the links on the eNotices website to sign up - parkes.enotices.com.au.

Or contact our team via phone or email to make these arrangements.