Water meter readings

Since 1 July 2010 Council reads water meters four (4) times a year. Readings are done in September, December, March and June with the accounts being due the following month.

Water leakages

Council encourages you to read your water meter to monitor your consumption or to detect a possible water leak.

To check if you have a water leak in the pipes on your side of the meter, choose a day when no one will be home and ensure all taps, etc are turned off. Read your meter when you leave your home and again upon your return (the longer the better, some leaks are slow and hard to detect).

If the meter registers water usage, you may have a leak somewhere in the system and you should call your plumber to investigate.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of their water service (from Council's water meter). Where water leaks have been revealed, property owners may request that Council provide an allowance for lost water. You can do this by lodging a Water Leaks Application(PDF, 88KB)For more information you can refer to Council's Water Leak Policy.

Water meters may also experience outages or inaccuracies. Council is required to ensure that the processing of all water accounts affected by stopped water meters and inaccurate water meters are assessed and processed in a consistent manner and in accordance with presiding legislation.

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Download Application Form(PDF, 88KB)