Street cleaning

Regular cleaning, sweeping and weed control.

Parkes Shire Council takes great pride in the appearance of its towns and villages.

As part of its general duties, Council undertakes regular cleaning of streets in the urban areas of the Parkes Shire.

This involves street sweeping, gutter cleaning, drainage pit cleaning, and minor control of weeds adjacent to traffic islands and kerbing.

Council sweeps over 160 kilometres within the urban areas of Parkes Shire.

The lengths maintained in the urban areas are as follows:

  • Parkes - 111 km
  • Peak Hill - 14 km
  • Trundle - 4.8 km
  • Tullamore - 2.0 km
  • Bogan Gate - 0.5 km

The street sweeper is also utilised in cleaning drainage pits, intersections, following sealing works, carparks, airport, accident sites, and prior to special events.

Sweeping Program

The sweeping program is as follows:

  • Parkes Central Business Area (CBD) is swept on a daily basis.
  • The town of Parkes is divided into five segments and these are swept on a rotating basis.
  • Peak Hill is swept monthly.
  • Bogan Gate, Tullamore and Trundle are swept every six weeks.