Recycling Services

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Recycling services and programs

Council provides the community with a two component recycling service.

Parkes Shire Council strives to be a leader in waste management by providing the community with a two component recycling service.

The first is the Council operated kerbside recycling collection service. Every property in the Parkes Shire that has kerbside collection will be issued with a yellow recycling bin. Recyclables collected from your home are made into new products.

To check which day recycling is collected from your property go to the waste collection service page of our website

The second is Council's waste management facility which provides a drop off point for the deposit of recyclable items. Recyclables are transported to Orange, and then onto Sydney, for processing by Visy Australia. Mixed recyclables are segregated into various categories then sold to reprocessing companies. For details on the location and opening hours of the Parkes Waste Facility go to our Waste Facilities page for more information.

Your participation in the recycling service will save landfill space, maximise recovery of resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For tips on what can be recycled go to our Waste & Recycling Tips page.

For more information about Parkes Shire Council's recycling service, contact Council's Planning and Environment Department on 02 6861 2373.

Recycle Your Old Toothbrush

Parkes Shire Library provides a waste recycling program for your oral care products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, packaging and floss containers. TerraCycle Colgate Oral Care Brigade shreds the items and melts them into hard plastic to be remoulded into useful new products. Residents can drop off their oral care products at Parkes Library during opening hours.

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