Waste Facilities

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Waste Facilities

With eight depots throughout the Shire, Council has a strategic approach to managing waste.

Parkes Shire Council recognises the importance of providing effective waste services in delivering positive public health, environmental and economic outcomes for the community. Waste management is a growing issue and cost for Parkes Shire Council. More waste than ever is being produced and the traditional means of landfilling is becoming increasingly regulated and expensive to administer.

Waste management services

Waste management services have been provided in the Parkes Shire for over a century. Under the Local Government Act 1993 Parkes Shire Council is responsible for the management of waste in the Shire, which includes a wide network of waste and recycling collection services and eight landfill depots.

Parkes Shire Council operates eight waste depots within the Parkes Shire. Council has established a controlled sanitary landfill site in Parkes, which has a projected lifespan of 20 years. Other waste depots are located at Alectown, Bogan Gate, Gunningbland, Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore.

Council has undertaken major upgrades to its waste services and facilities in the 2015/16 financial year as part of the Parkes Shire Waste Management Strategy 2015-22.

Township Waste Depots

Other Waste Depots in our townships Alectown Waste Depot Open daily to Alectown swipe holders 9am – 5pm Access from Cross Street, eastern outskirts of town Bogan […]

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Parkes Waste Facility

Parkes Waste Facility Parkes Shire’s main waste disposal facility The landfill has progressively been adapted to focus on recycling and resource recovery rather than just […]

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Peak Hill Waste & Recycling Transfer Station

Peak Hill Waste & RecyclingTransfer Station Access from Rouse Road, approximately 1.2km east of town Opening Hours Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1:00pm – 4:30pm (NO ENTRY […]

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Disposal of Asbestos, Chemicals, Oil, Trade and e-Waste

Where to Dispose Asbestos, Chemicals, Oils, Trade Waste and e-Waste Asbestos Any wastes containing or potentially containing asbestos are classified as asbestos waste and must […]

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