Parkes Shire Councillors

Your elected representatives work for you

Councillors are your elected representatives for the Parkes Shire. They advocate on behalf of residents and work to assist them. Councillors are responsible for managing the Shire's assets, providing a wide range of services and facilities, and ensuring finances are allocated in the best interests of the whole community.


Under the Local Government Act 1993 council elections are held on the second Saturday in September every four years. By-elections are conducted periodically when a councillor vacancy occurs. Parkes Shire Council is made up of 10 councillors, one of whom is the Mayor. The position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor is elected by Councillors and serves a one year term. The NSW Electoral Commission held local Council elections for the Parkes Shire on Saturday, 4 December 2021.


Mayor Ken Keith (flipped) 200x300

Cr Ken Keith OAM (Mayor)

Mayor - First elected in 1983, serving 12th term on Council

Niel Wescot

Cr Neil Westcott (Deputy Mayor)

Deputy Mayor - First elected 2016, elected Deputy Mayor 2021, serving second term on Council.

George Pratt 200x300

Cr George Pratt

Councillor - Elected 2004, serving fifth term on Council

Kenny McGrath 200x300

Cr Ken McGrath

Councillor - First elected in 1992, serving seventh term on Council

Louise Oleary 200x300

Cr Louise O'Leary

Councillor - First elected in 2008, serving fourth term on Council

Bill 2022

Cr William Jayet

Councillor - First elected 2016, serving second term on Council

Jacob Cass 200x300

Cr Jacob Cass

Councillor - First elected in 2021, serving first term on Council

Marg Applebee 200x300

Cr Marg Applebee

Councillor - First elected 2021, serving first term on Council

Daniel Weber 200x300

Cr Daniel Weber

Councillor - First elected 2021, serving first term on Council

Glenn Wilson 2 200x300

Cr Glenn Wilson

Councillor - First elected 2021, serving first term on Council