Council Meetings

Council Meeting minutes and agendas are on record and available for public viewing

Attend a meeting or view details of past meetings

Council holds a meeting on the third Tuesday of each month at 2pm. Residents of the Parkes Shire and the general public are welcome to attend these meetings.

View a copy of Council's Code of Meeting Practice Policy.

Recording voting on planning matters

Parkes Shire Council records each of the planning decisions made during a meeting of Council, the names of the Councillors who supported the decision, and the names of any Councillors who opposed the decision. The record is made within the minutes of the meeting.

Copies of the minutes for each Council meeting are available in the Meeting Agenda and Minutes tab.  A register of these decisions is available for inspection at Council's Planning counter.

Audio Recording of Council Meetings

Parkes Shire Council will supply audio recordings of Ordinary Meetings of Council from 17 December 2019.

The audio version of Parkes Shire Council Meetings are available below and can be listened to on a mobile device or PC.

Persons attending a Council meeting consent to the possibility that their voice may be broadcast to the public.

Audio of Council Meetings cannot be copied, recorded, reproduced, reused or transmitted without the prior written consent of the General Manager.

Meeting agendas and minutes

Copies of Business Papers relating to the open sessions of the Council meetings are available for public inspection at the Administration Centre, after 4.00pm on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Agendas and Minutes for Ordinary Council meetings are also available for download via the links below.