We are pleased to provide the following interactive and searchable maps for you to use. The information contained within the maps should be the very latest and should always be up to date.

We also have the following maps available as a PDF document download or through an external web site:

Alcohol Free Zone Maps

There are Alcohol Free Zones in the Central Business Districts of the Parkes and Peak Hill, as well as our public parks. The following maps indicate the areas in Parkes Shire where these zones apply. For more information, please visit the Business and Trading section of our web site. 

Parkes Shire Local Government Area (LGA) Map

The NSW Electoral Office maintains the maps of the NSW Local Government areas. Click the following link to view the Parkes Shire Local Government Area (LGA) Map

Parkes Shire Public Art Trail Map

Zoning Maps

The Parkes Local Environmental Plan 2012 includes a number of maps that are identified below:

  • Land Application Map
  • Land Zoning Map
  • Lot Size Map
  • Heritage Map
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map
  • Groundwater Vulnerability Map
  • Parkes Township Buffer Map
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity Map
  • Watercourse Map
  • Wetlands Map

All these maps can be accessed through the NSW Planning Portal.