Water restrictions

To effectively manage water supply and security for our residents, Parkes Shire Council implements restrictions on water usage under the Local Government Regulation, to ensure water supply is preserved in times of drought or other water scarcity.

Water Restrictions Level 1 to 6 Overview

Current Notices 

Water Restriction Notice - Level 1: Parkes Shire Local Government Area

Notice is hereby given under Regulation 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, which permits the use of water to be restricted in the Parkes Shire Local Government area if there is a shortage of supply. This notice shall take effect from Monday 23 November 2020 and shall remain in effect until varied by further notice.

Domestic Uses

Watering of lawns and gardens is permitted on a daily basis using microsprays, sprinklers and drip systems, soaker hoses, non-fixed sprinklers and hand held held hoses before 10am and after 5pm.

For further information on other activities, download Council's Water Restrictions schedule here.

Non-Residential Use

Watering of lawns and gardens is permitted using watering systems, microsprays, drip systems, soaker hoses, non-fixed sprinklers and handheld hoses during the following times:

  • summer - between 6pm and 9am daily
  • winter- between 6am and 10am; and 4pm and 10pm daily

Level 1 Water Restriction FAQs

Council has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions to provide useful information about commonly asked questions regarding to Level 1 Water Restrictions.

For further information, contact Council's Infrastructure department on 02 6861 2343.