Understanding your water account

Water consumption and water and sewer access charges are billed separately from your rate notice and water readings are undertaken four times per year.

Property owners are billed quarterly for usage and access charges with accounts issued in October, January, April and July during the financial year.

The water consumption notices include detailed access and usage information and a consumption graph showing usage comparisons to the same period as last year, shown in three month blocks.

Water Rates & Charges Fact Sheet


Council accepts a range of methods for payment of water consumption notices.

It is important to note that if you are paying your water consumption account via B-Pay that the water payment reference is located in the top right hand corner of the notice and is different to your rates account B-Pay reference number.

A Two Step Tariff is used for water billing. The 2021/22 water usage charges based on a two step tariff are:


Step One: $2.10/KL < 400KL Step Two: $3.50/KL > 400KL


All water consumption is charged at $2.60/KL

Non-Potable / Raw Water

Step One: $1.40/KL < 400KL Step Two: $2.50/KL > 400KL