Information on local road closures

Plan your trip ahead in times of flooding and road works.

Parkes Shire Council would like to advise that the following roads are closed within the Shire.

Current as of 8 August 2022.

Road closed due to flooding:

  • Terril Road (SR19/21)
  • Kamandra Lane (SR76)
  • Coradgery Road (SR234)
  • Adavale Lane (SR104)
  • Mickibri Road (SR97)
  • Eugowra Road (Billabong creek)

Road open with water over road:

  • Middle Trundle Road (SR83)
  • Peak Hill - Tullamore Road (MR348).

Load limit

There is currently no load limited implemented within Parkes Shire.

Any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Council.