Parkes Water Security Program

  • Project typeConstruction
  • Project value$65 Million

Parkes Shire Council is committed to investing in a sustainable water future. From mid- 2022 onwards, we will be upgrading existing water infrastructure and adding additional water supply assets to preserve, protect and sustainably manage our key water sources.

Council’s water supply network is ageing and needs to be upgraded. Parts of our water supply network pipework is leaking and many of our bores are over 50 years old which affects our ability to efficiently extract, treat, pump, store and supply water through the existing water supply network. Currently, we can only supply around 70% of our total water capacity. Climate change forecasts predict that rainfall will decline, while severe fires and extreme weather events are likely to increase, affecting demand for water in a changing climate.

Parkes Shire Council has secured funding worth approximately $65M from State and Federal government sources as well as accumulating our own reserves.  This includes state government funding from the Safe and Secure Water Program ($22M), Critical Drought Relief - Restart NSW Fund ($3.4M) and Department of Planning and Environment ($600k), and federal government funding from the Building Better Regions ($6M) and Regional Recovery Partnerships ($5M). The project is fully funded and will not impact water rates and charges.

The Parkes Water Security Program involves a package of current construction projects to ensure Parkes Shire has a reliable water supply to meet forecast demand.

Lachlan River Pre-Treatment Plant

A new pre-treatment plant to treat raw river water located at the Lachlan River Pump Station.


  • Lachlan River Pump Station pre-treatment plant will reduce water turbidity from the Lachlan River.
  • New sediment ponds to provide additional water treatment capacity.
  • Sustainable raw river water draw from the Lachlan River to supplement water from the Parkes borefield.

Lachlan River Pre-treatment Plant .jpeg

Raw Water Storage Lagoon

An additional 20ML of raw water storage upstream of the Water Treatment Plant.


  • Additional water storage for future growth
  • Increases raw water storage to manage drought conditions
  • Allows for the transfer and treatment of raw water during energy off-peak times

Raw Water Supply Lagoon.jpeg

Lachlan River Intake Augmentation

Augmentation of the existing Lachlan River Pump Station.


  • Pump Station augmentation will meet future water supply demand for projected growth of townships in the Parkes Shire
  • Secures future raw water demand from commercial centres - the National Logistics Hub (NLH), Special Activation Precinct (SAP) and Northparkes Mine (NPM)

Lachlan River Pump Station Augmentation.jpeg

New Pump Stations

Two new pump stations, one on Eugowra Road and the other on Akuna Road.


  • The new pump station at Eugowra Road will receive raw water from the Parkes Shire bores
  • The Lachlan River Pump Station will treat the water and pump it to the Akuna Road Pump Station.
  • Akuna Road Pump Station will receive raw water from the Eugowra Road pump station
  • Pump stations will increase our raw water extraction within our current water supply entitlement

New Akuna Road Pump Station.jpeg New Eugowra Road Pump Station.jpeg

Lachlan Pipeline Duplication

Duplication of 35km of raw water transfer pipeline from Eugowra Road Pump Station to the Parkes Water Treatment Plant.


  • Duplication of existing pipelines to improve water quality and quantity
  • Efficiently transport water to meet future water demand for growing townships
  • Reduces water lost to leaking pipes and ageing water supply infrastructure

Parkes Water Security Program Overview.jpeg

Solar Energy Systems

Sustainable energy to power key water security assets.


  • Solar energy systems provide sustainable energy to the new pump stations at Eugowra Road and Akuna Road
  • Reduces energy costs and provides operational flexibility and reliability
  • Sustainable energy offsets costs for the sediment ponds and water treatment plant at the Lachlan River
  • Water transfer in the off-peak electricity periods or during daylight hours
  • Reduces Council’s carbon footprint

New Eugowra Road Pump Station Solar System.jpeg

Additional Bore and Bore Refurbishments

The refurbishment of existing bores 1,3,4 & 5, site investigation for an additional Lachlan aquifer bore and the development of under bores for planned future pipelines.


  • The sustainable management of the Lachlan aquifer by spreading the water take across a wider area. The additional bore will be located away from existing bores to promote a more sustainable yield.
  • Increased efficiency in supplying raw water to the pump stations.



All projects will be designed and built to the required engineering standards and delivered and operated to the highest environmental and social standards.

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